Spring 2020 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are on Wednesdays from 4:10PM-5PM in https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/186935273.

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Amir Sagiv, Columbia University
Prediction of random and chaotic dynamics in nonlinear optics
1/22 Evans 740:
Note the special time and location. This is joint with the Thematic Seminar
Yingzhou Li, Duke University
Coordinate Descent Methods for Full Configuration Interactions
1/29 Evans 740:
Note the special time and location. This is joint with the Thematic Seminar
David Rolnick, University of Pennsylvania
Deep neural networks: structure and function
Yu-Hang Tang, LBNL
A Graph-Based Kernel Method for Scientific Machine Learning
Eric Neuscamann, UC Berkeley
Variational Excited State Optimization
Roel Van Beeumen, LBNL
A Scalable Matrix-Free Eigensolver for Studying Many-Body Localization
Guang-Hao Low, Microsoft Research
Probing strongly correlated systems: Towards a quantum computational advantage
This is joint with APDE Seminar.
Jacob Bedrossian, University of Maryland
The power spectrum of passive scalar turbulence in the Batchelor regime
On Zoom
Lexing Ying, Stanford University
Solving inverse problems with deep learning
Special time 10:10AM-11AM. On Zoom.
Matthew Colbrook, Cambridge University
The Foundations of Infinite-Dimensional Spectral Computations
On Zoom
Michael Mahoney, UC Berkeley
Determinantal Point Processes and Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra
On Zoom
Ken Kamrin, MIT
Toward reduced-order models for flowing grains: Surprising complexity meets surprising simplicity
On Zoom.
Tamara Kolda, Sandia National Laboratory
Estimating Higher-Order Moments Using Symmetric Tensor Decomposition
On Zoom.
Linfeng Zhang, Princeton University
Symmetry preserving neural network models for molecular modelling

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